There are many reasons why automation projects can fail. For instance, an automation partner may go out of business, or the delivered solution may not meet the specific requirements.

No matter the reason, our team specializes in rescuing failed, stalled, and incomplete projects to deliver complete, high-quality solutions.

Trust the Experts

For decades, DLS Custom Automation and McIver Engineering & Controls have been trusted to recover many partially completed projects. With our expert team of engineers, technicians, master electricians, machinists, and project managers, we have the right tools and experience to recover projects from any size and virtually any industry. From smaller recovery projects, such as completing on-machine wiring, to larger recovery projects, such as completing the manufacture of robot cells and implementation of new software, we are the right team for the job.

Because we believe in assembling the best team for each project to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality solution to our customers, we will start with a consultation to assess the state of the project and gather as many details as possible. Using this information, our team will collaborate to define a recovery solution, establish an estimated project timeline, and submit a proposed budget to our customer.

We understand that recovery projects can be quite challenging. They often exceed the budget, extend past the initial deadline, and fail to meet the customer’s expectations. However, if you accept our proposal, we assure you that our Project Management Team will work closely with your team to ensure that the project is completed as efficiently as possible without compromising quality or functionality. With our extensive experience in handling recovery projects, we have identified common challenges and developed processes that guarantee successful delivery and customer satisfaction.

DLS Custom Automation
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