What are your order minimums?
Please contact customerservice@mcivereng.com or call (262) 783-9912 to discuss your project requirements.
Can I pay an expedite fee to avoid waiting production lead time?
At McIver Engineering & Controls, we believe in providing exceptional customer service on all transactions. For this reason, we do not accept or charge any expedite fees and do not allow projects to be sent to the front of the production schedule. We believe in doing the best we can at all times. If we are able to expedite a project without compromising another delivery date, we are happy to do so, free of charge.
What are your standard payment terms?
Our standard payment terms are NET10. For additional details, please call us at (262) 783-9912.
How can I open an account?
Please contact customerservice@mcivereng.com or call (262) 783-9912 for account set-up details
Do you accept credit cards?
No, we do not accept credit cards. Acceptable forms of payment are checks and ACH. Contact customerservice@mcivereng.com for additional payment details.
What are your receiving hours?
Our receiving hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. All times are Central Standard. For additional questions or to request accommodations outside our normal receiving hours, please call us at 262-783-9912.
What is your warranty?
McIver Engineering & Controls warrants all materials per the original manufacturer’s warranty policies. In addition, labor warranties are for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment or start-up if the start-up is within thirty (30) days of shipment. Control logic or code, developed by McIver, will after machine or system setup and test by our engineers, be warranted for one year.

In the event the customer, or any installation contractor employed by the customer, contracts outside for installation work of quoted equipment, the customer shall assume full responsibility for workmanship resulting from said contract.

What is the difference between a UL 508A-certified industrial control panel and your standard panel build?
Whether your project requires UL 508A certification or not, we follow the same sourcing, manufacturing, and quality standards to ensure we deliver the highest-quality solutions on every customer order.
Do you have Engineers on staff?
Yes, McIver Engineering & Controls has both electrical and mechanical engineers ready to support all your industrial control panel and automation requirements.
Can you draw electrical schematics?
We offer completion of electrical schematics as one of our many engineering services.
I have a machine concept, can your engineers design my machine?
Consultation and design services are some of our available engineering services.
Where are you located?
We are located near the intersection of Lisbon and 164 on the Sussex/Pewaukee border. Our address is N53W24794 Sout Corporate Cirlce, Suite A, Sussex, WI, 53089.
What is your customer service number?
For customer service, please call us at (262) 783-9912.
How can I reach a salesperson?
For sales support, please call us at (262) 783-9912.
Do you have a standard control panel that I can purchase?
McIver Engineering & Controls does not have an ‘off-the-shelf’ control panel. We specialize in industrial control panels of all sizes for a variety of applications. Contact us to see how we can power your next project.
Can you complete install of my industrial control panel?
To discuss installation of an industrial control panel at your facility, please contact us at (262) 783-9912 or email customerservice@mcivereng.com.
What are your sourcing standards?
We understand that building the highest-quality products requires using the best components available. We source from only authorized distributors and negotiate special pricing agreements to stay competitve. We offer our customers alternative options and require approval prior to deviating from the bill of materials. We also honor the manufacturer’s warranty for components.
What type of inspections are part of your quality procedures?
All systems have quality and safety features to assure ease of installation, improve field serviceability, and guarantee operator safety. All wiring harnesses are neatly combed and include 20% spare conductors for future expansion. All large and heavy components are stud mounted. Computer generated wire labels ensure legibility and durability. All PLC/IO points, including spares and door mounted devices, are run to terminal strips. All projects must pass a rigorous quality inspection, that includes continuity testing, prior to shipment.
What is the status of my order?
To check the status of your order, please call us at (262) 783-9912.
What are my shipping options?
All industrial control panels and automation solutions are quoted as FOB, Sussex, WI at our dock. If needed, we are happy to assist in providing a freight company to deliver your goods.
Can I make changes to or cancel an order I already placed?
Any additional engineering changes to wiring diagrams, panel layouts, or material lists will be charged on a time and materials basis. Orders cancelled by the purchaser are subject to a cancellation charge which may include labor and materials charges accrued up to the date of cancellation.
Where are your industrial control panels and automated machines manufactured?
All of our manufacturing is completed in our Sussex, WI location.
How long does it take to get my order?
Because each project is unique, the time required for manufacturing varies immensely. We will offer a tentative lead time with every quote that we complete. A target completion date is confirmed at order acceptance and our Project Management Team communicates throughout the project timeline.
Can you ship me a UL508A sticker for my panel?

Per UL 508A standards, control panel manufacturers who custom-build or mass-produce industrial control panels may apply the UL Marks for U.S. and Canada in their factories.

Do you offer PLC and HMI programming?
PLC and HMI Programming are available services offered by the teams of McIver Engineering & Controls and DLS Custom Automation.
Who can I contact for general information?
For general information, please call us at (262) 783-9912 or email us at customerservice@mcivereng.com.