At McIver Engineering & Controls, we believe in continuous improvement, which is defined as the ongoing improvement of products, services, and processes through incremental improvements over time and/or breakthrough improvements.

This mindset is why our technicians are cross-trained on every step of the manufacturing process, including complex wiring. This mindset allows us to maximize our resources and pass along these efficiencies to our customers through cost savings.
Every project, whether a high production run or a one-off custom design, begins with the delivery of schematics, either from our customers or created by our engineers. Once the schematics are received or completed, a Project Kick-off Meeting is organized, including the project’s assigned Project Manager and Lead Project Technician. In this meeting, our team carefully reviews the design, plans the production timeline, and assigns a lead technician for the build.

We create and follow a customized project timeline for every industrial control panel project, whether it is a high-volume production run or a custom one-off build. Our commitment to providing the highest quality and safe products is why McIver Engineering & Controls is the industry’s leader in the repeat production and manufacturing of industrial control panels.

For your next custom industrial control panel requirement, trust the expert team at McIver Engineering & Controls Solutions.